Health & Safety

The problem

Steve was contacted by a large middle-Eastern importer. Their warehouse facilities had been found to be sub-standard in terms of Health and Safety and there were also concerns about the lack of controls for refrigerated and frozen goods.

The solution

Steve carried out an audit of the facilities, identifying areas for the improvement of safety beyond those by the authorities and also worked with the Directors to improve these areas and also develop good standard staff health, safety, and welfare facilities.

Steve also developed the Company’s Safety Policy and revised the various Risk Assessments associated with the warehouse activities. A programme was put in place to review these risk assessments periodically during the year so that they did not all have to be completed at the same time for the Site Safety Officer.

The outcome 

The Company was happy to have in place policies and risk assessments appropriate to their activities and satisfactory authority requirements. Indeed, post-implementation they decided to change some of their activities to include bulk re-packing of products on site. There were issues with the control of this process, including dust suppression and labelling. Steve was able to support the Site Safety Officer with guidance and a review of the activity, with dust suppression introduced and personal protective equipment for staff.