Food Safety Management 

The problem

A small chicken and burger shop, part of a small chain, had been visited by a very conscientious EHO. Unfortunately, they were not operating to the best of standards. This gave them a Notice to improve standards and a FHRS 0 rating! They had previously been proud of a FHRS 5 rating and advertised this on their website.

The solution

Steve carried out a detailed audit and report. This included simple, easy to understand, photo-evidence of the issues and rated them according to priority. The Food Business Operator set to carrying out remedial works and Steve’s additional suggested improvements.

In the meantime, Steve reviewed the existing Food Safety Management system and Due Diligence records. It was clear that these were extensive, they were for a much more complex catering business and the staff did not understand the need for some of the records.

Steve provided a simple Safer Food Better Business for Caterers document, which matched the business’s activities, and a Due Diligence folder that contained all the records to demonstrate that the statements made in their Management system were being followed. The system also had additional details that demonstrate to the council the difference between a 4 and a 5-rated FHRS business.

The outcome 

The staff were happy to see how easy the records were to keep. These now only took a few minutes of their time each day.

Steve liaised with the Council Officer, giving confidence that the Business operator was taking matters very seriously. Steve assisted the business in organising a FHRS Re-score and the business secured their treasured FHRS 5. Due to Steve’s expert guidance, the whole process took under two months.