Food Safety Approval

The problem 

A successful, fast-growing chain of High Street food shops, serving sushi, noodles, stir-fry, and other Asian dishes was looking to rationalise the supply of fish and meat to their stores by setting up a Production and Distribution Centre. They would need Approval from the local authority to carry out this function.

The solution

Steve was engaged to support the company through this process. He was involved in the design and setting-up of the Production Centre, associated warehousing, and refrigerated storage. He also produced a HACCP-based Food Safety Management System and associated Due Diligence records that were needed to achieve Approval for the production of sushi-grade raw salmon, tuna and other sliced meats for the hot dishes. This required careful consideration of separation of the distinct activities and the maintenance of strict hygiene controls for products that were going to be eaten without being cooked. These raw fish and meat products were stored and distributed to individual stores for further processing and display for sale.

The outcome 

Steve guided the business in their negotiations with the local council and Approval was granted.

Steve also carries out hygiene and quality testing of fish and meat products and swab analysis, in conjunction with a Public Health laboratory, to establish safe working practices and hygienic cleaning standards are being employed throughout the Production Centre.

Steve was also retained to produce a HACCP-based Food Safety Management System, with Due Diligence records for each of the stores, ensuring consistency in actions across the stores. This includes an opening audit, and additional audits, during the year to ensure Company and Safety standards are being met.