Acoustics and Noise Control

Noise Law and Noise Control in London

Consult our environmental health specialists on noise law in London and get professional advice on noise control with our range of high quality and personable services.

Environmental Noise and Planning

pic11 Failing to consider the impact of any development can prove to be a costly mistake if remedial acoustic are required and may even lead to to planning refusal. We will work with local authorities and other experts in preparing planning applications, carrying out baseline monitoring, responding to requirements for remedial measures or discharging conditions. Reports will consider technical evidence (including vibration) and determine the most appropriate methodology and design noise control systems to ensure compliance with requirements. We can attend planning committees and planning appeal in support of applications.

Noise Nuisance

pic15 We can investigate and help to resolve noise complaints. These can take the form of neighbour or commercial noise nuisance and they can have a seriously debilitating effect on peoples lives, often at times when people are most susceptible. We can investigate and determine if the noise is unreasonable and constitutes a statutory noise nuisance by materially interfering with the use and enjoyment of their home. We can also support and advise commercial business where a legal notice has been served to determine if the action is unreasonable, to offer remediation or to appeal the notice in court and to liaise on their behalf with the local authority. We would carry out an independent objective assessment to recognised standards, providing a detailed report and mitigation methods.

Industrial Noise

Commercial air-handling plant e.g. kitchen extractor fans, air-conditioning units and business activities, even though they may have planning permission, can sometimes cause nuisance, often due to a change in local circumstances, lack of maintenance or changed operational factors. This may lead to enforcement action from a local authority. We can carry out environmental noise monitoring to determine baseline criteria against which to compare the nature, extent and duration of the problem. We would recommend the most appropriate response from the business, whether that is to contest the notice through legal appeal in Court or to liaise with the local authority and agree appropriate cost effective mitigation measures.

Entertainment Noise and Licensing

pic9 The Licensing Act 2003 requires, amongst other criteria, the applicant to provide an operating schedule identifying how noise from the site activities under licence e.g. mechanical noise, entertainment noise, noise from deliveries and noise from patrons will be controlled so as to ensure the prevention of public nuisance. A failure to do so can lead to the rejection of the licence or the imposition of conditions. We can assist by determining acoustic suitability of the site, liaison with local authority officers, monitoring to ensure compliance and preparation of reports, including attendance at committee.

Noise at Work

Employers are required to protect the hearing of their workers from excessive noise at work. Employers must provide hearing protection and/or designate protection zones. We can carry out the assessment against requirements and advise on the findings and suitable cost effective solutions.

Construction Noise

Works of construction and associated activities can have a detrimental effect from noise and vibration on nearby residential and business premises. A failure to address these issues can lead to legal action by the council and may cause extremely costly delays or the imposition of working restrictions. We will carry out appropriate monitoring against standards to determine airborne and vibration impacts and determine any necessary mitigation or changes to working practices. We can apply for “prior consent for works with agreed constraints. We will liaise with local authorities and residential groups to ensure the project runs smoothly.