Health and Safety

As experts in health and safety in London with significant experience in risk assessment, we can ensure you remain legally compliant by providing professional and impartial environmental health advice. Please read our list of health and safety services below and begin to think about how we can create a safer work environment for your business:

Health and Safety Policy Development

health3 Section 2 of the Health and Safety at Work Act (1974) requires that an employer who has five or more employees must produce a written safety policy. The policy must be signed and dated and revised regularly to ensure it remains current and in line with current legislation and working practices. Businesses with less than 5 employees are required to provide a statement for Health and Safety as a framework for and to demonstrate they operate safely and within legislative requirements. The policy must demonstrate management commitment to continuous review and improvement for safety. It must also identify the overall and any key personnel responsibilities within the organisation and any arrangements in ensuring safety. We can assist in these processes and the production of your bespoke policy. We can carry out audits against these policies and advise on legislative and best practice changes and the need for review.

Accident Investigation

Despite best efforts accidents do occur. We can support you in investigating the cause of accidents and determining any underlying causes. Following a risk assessment, we can help to advise on future prevention and assist in discussions with external health and safety investigators.

Risk Assessments

health2 Risk assessments are required by every business under the management of Health and Safety at Work Regulations (1999). We can undertake a comprehensive risk assessment on your behalf and with our wide-ranging experience report on areas for improvement, identify training needs, any operational changes to minimise risk and reduce liability with common sense and cost effective solutions.

RManual Handling

Manual handling issues are generally the largest source of accidents and lost working time for businesses. We can provide expert health and safety advice and support to determine manual handling issues in your workplace. Seek advice and act before costly issues arise.


health1 Legionella Bacteria occur naturally and are widespread. As such they can flourish in water-based building cooling systems and in poorly designed and maintained hot and cold water systems. They survive cold temperatures and proliferate between 20-45°C, especially if nutrients exist through poor maintenance e.g. rust, sludge, algae. We are experienced in carrying out risk assessments following ACoP L8. We report in simple to understand language identifying issues and with prioritised recommendations.

DSE, COSHH, PPE, PUWER Assessments

We have environmental health services expertise in providing workplace assessments for DSE, COSHH, PPE and PUWER. We can provide advice on safer and improved working arrangements, staff training or specific adaptations required to meet health and safety policy.